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Morning Toner Upper

An energizing and centering toner formulated to fortify sleepy skin and help get your day off to a radiant start.  

Wake up your face and soul with Potion’s non-alcoholic invigorating skin beverage. Robust botanical ingredients in Morning Toner Upper stimulate the senses, tighten and tone pores, and prep the skin and psyche for a peaceful, productive day.

How to Use: After splashing face with cool water or cleansing with Botanical Cleansing Oil or Gentle Face Scrub, dispense a few pumps into a clean, damp, cool washcloth. Lightly wring out excess, place washcloth over entire face with eyes closed for 30 seconds, meditate while inhaling good vibes. Allow to air dry. Follow with Motherlode Face Serum, Beauty Balm, and sunscreen of choice. AVOID EYES. SHAKE WELL.

Ingredients: Alcohol-Free & Unscented Witch HazelRose Water; Oils - Camellia SeedCalendula Infused OliveCucumber SeedSea BuckthornAloe Powder; Extracts - CucumberGreen TeaHoneysuckleTurmericGrapefruit Seed; Essential Oils - Lemon Balm in Jojoba OilGeraniumLavenderRosemary.

4 ounces