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Leather Holster

This leather holster is made durable premium leather hide. It's the perfect holster for a festival, travelling around or everyday use. Comes with 2 slim removable bag pockets to keep all your essentials securely against your body. Can be worn in everyday life and contain essentially discrete under a jacket or not, it will always be close to you. The pockets can hold your phone, keys, wallet and more. We've designed the bag pockets to be big enough for most smartphones, with an easy side access, secure brass button closure and hidden slit pocket. The arm straps are fully adjustable to fit most body sizes, both men and women. They feature button closures to ensure your desired fit. The brass buttons on each bag pocket will help the holster keep a sleek low profile. You'll certainly turn heads and get people talking about what you have in the handy pockets.

Bag Pocket Dimensions:

6.75" x 4.75"

Available Leather Colors: Tan, Black, Burgundy

One size fits most: Small/Med/Lg/Xl

Smaller/Larger sizes can be made by request.

We use minimal pieces of quality leather to make our leather products. That means fewer seams and improved overall durability. No two Clarke & Barba products are the same. Each leather product will retain markings from the original skin. We preserve these natural imperfections to enhance each piece's character and individuality.