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Botanical Cleansing Oil

A moisturizing and nourishing cleanser that rids your face of debris without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Tap into Potion’s original blend of plant and flower oils and extracts to remove excess oil and dirt, bacteria, and other material such as foundation and sunscreen, restoring skin to a supple, smooth, fresh and balanced state.

How to Use: Massage a quarter-sized amount onto dry face, neck, and decollétage in upward circles for 30-60 seconds. Press a very warm, damp washcloth onto cleansing areas, let steam open pores and draw out dirt and debris, gently wipe face clean. For best results, use in evening. Follow with a Potion skin beverage, Motherlode Face Serum, Under-Eye Sleep Salve, and Beauty Balm. AVOID EYES. SHAKE WELL.

Ingredients: Oils - AvocadoJojobaGrape SeedVitamin ESea Buckthorn; Extracts - Willow BarkAloe VeraWitch Hazel Leaf & BarkGreen Tea; Essential Oils - LemongrassHelichrysumBlue ChamomileJuniper BerryGeranium.

4 ounces