Shopify App

Our Shopify App

It's Finally Here!

Do you have an existing Shopify Store? Now you can sync your Shopify Store with Our Shopify Store. It seamlessly integrates eliminating the need to maintain two inventories. 

How it works

Simply download and install our HC Shopify App which is available exclusively to our Handcrafted LA Makers. Accept the terms and that's it. Now when an item is added to your Shopify Store, it will be available through the HC site as well. 

Items will also show up in our In Store Point of Sale system so you can bring any items into the store that you have added to your Shopify Store! 

It get even better. When an item sells on any store (your site, our site or in store) it will be reflected globally so now there is only one inventory to maintain. 

Reports will still be available through the HC Site but you will maintain all your inventory through your existing Shopify Store. 

The month cost is only $10 too.

Download the App today.