Chilson Woodworks

Chilson Woodworks
A native New Englander, Paul became interested in woodworking from his extensive travels throughout Europe and the United States. He apprenticed with California boat builders and local New England artisans leading him to open his own shop 20 years ago on Cape Cod. Paul’s artistic abilities led him into woodworking, furniture design, and construction. His specialty is natural free-form tables with influences in design from George Nakashima to West Barnstable Tables’ Dick Kiusalas. Paul molds his influences to create his own original style to accommodate the wishes of the customer. Growing up surrounded by the creative arts of his father, Zach took a keen interest in music, writing, and building furniture with Paul. As far back as he can remember, he has been building in the workshop with his dad. Currently residing in Long Beach, CA, Zach has expanded Chilson Woodworks with west coast operations. Now, in addition to standard live edge pieces, the Chilson's are combining the modern edge of steel to the work for a rustic yet clean vibe.


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